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Home made salad is the best...

A few tips on how to make a delicious salad at home, that taste as good as it does in a restaurant...

Bo Janice
10 days of silent meditation

Challenging yet rewarding experience. What it feels like to be silent for 10 days?

Bo Janice
First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

She crashed the Internet in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. They sing, dance, she talks about grilled cheese, her husband, education for girls...

Changing name after marriage

After getting married, many people choose to change their last name... and some decide to keep it.

Anxiety. What it looks like?

"I?ll be sitting on the train and feel a bump and a hundred headlines of derailed trains flash through my head in seconds..."

Tatoos against breast cancer scars

Tattoo artist beautifully conceals scars of breast cancer survivors...

bee B
Baby names inspired by popular books

Oh, I so can imagine calling my 6 year old "Darcy dear... Come to dinner! I'm counting to three...!" And then him rolling his eyes at me :-D

Beautiful japanese words

14 japanese words you need in your life...

What to wear to a cool friends wedding?

How to dress If you are going to a hip wedding and want to look a part...

When you start working...

6 career advices. Funny written but so true.