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Bo Janice
Quote On Letting Things Go

If you love something, let it go. If you don't love something, definitely let it go. Basically just drop everything, who cares. - B.J. Novak

Quote On Perfectionism

Oh, the difference between nearly right and exactly right. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Bo Janice
Perfectionism Trap

Disturbing but true fact... Perfectionism can be one of the biggest obstacles on the path to a happy life.

DIY - IKEA Lighting Hacks

20 ideas for reshaping relatively cheap Ikea lights into some very unique pieces...

Going to school around the world

Interesting view on so different ways that kids around the world go to school...

Bo Janice
Food Poisoning - potencialy hazardous food

Bill Marler, a lawyer specialized on food lawsuits, advises you which food you better avoid eating, if you don't wan't to catch food poisonig...

Single mom on Father's day

An example that fatherless kid too can have a great Father's day. Hail to the mothers with an emotional inteligence and practical sense of humor!

Selfies on higher level

23 year old, self-taught photographer Angela Nikolau obviously loves taking selfies on the edge...

Astrology, profession and career

What is a perfect job for you, according to your zodiac sign?

Bo Janice
Yogurt sponge cake (kids-helping-friendly)

Yogurt sponge cake is simple, super easy to make, it's delicious and it's great opportunity for your prescooler kid (even a toddler!) to help you make it.